About insightDproject

What is beyond the art of dance? What can dancers do to improve the lives of children who live in countries affected by internal conflict or disasters? Life has taught us that when we push together towards a goal, we can move mountains. insightDproject is a dance project focused on the development of an artistic path at a young age. Children and teenagers would have the opportunity to recognise themselves as human beings capable of achieving goals through their courage, tenacity, responsibility and discipline.

Joe Belial

The project consists of 6 phases, involving dancers, choreographers, producers, musicians, psychologists and consultants from around the world. All of them have contributed to shape this process. The first phase began in NYC in April of 2016 and it took a year and a half to put together all the material needed to proceed to the next phases. I, Joe Belial, a Producer, Audiovisual Director and Journalist, passionate of the image, felt the urge to share my insight beyond the beauty of the movements, through audiovisuals and photography: Dance helps to change lives.

Shaping society through dance.


Personal satisfaction has been something that human beings have always long for, needing, without any doubt, the help or inspiration of others to achieve this. In this tenacious search, he has come to experience different arts, which have enabled him to find himself and unconsciously unload his emotions and feelings. Dance has always been one of those languages that allows human beings to communicate through movements, expressing feelings and moods.

Dancing awakens emotions and fantasies through the movement. It facilitates the expression of sensations, emotions, feelings and moods in a natural and uninhibited way. Thus, we can connect with ourselves and with those emotions that we repress, such as rage, anger, anxiety, anguish, pain, sadness, which can be channeled in a healthy way, which helps emotional control in the day by day.

Moreover, anybody movement can lead to changes in the psyche, promoting mental and physical health and personal growth. The movement is used as a psychotherapeutic tool, within a process that pursues the psychophysical (body-mind) integration of the individual. For this reason, we will be using dance as a tool to help solve the emotional or psychological conflicts of people.

In this context, the psychosocial work will be transversal throughout the dance programs. It will have a group of psychologists who will actively seek out children and teenagers in need who will benefit from the programs in the different marginal areas of the selected city or territory.

It will sensitize the target population by promoting dance as a generator of social change, and as a means to lead them through a better way, enriching their physical and mental conditions, strengthening self-esteem and social relationships.

The videos below present an insight of what’s beyond dance and how this can be a means of social transformation. The activities were carried out in Evitar and Cartagena, Colombia. The intention was to conduct pilot tests of dance workshops related to the project.