Hector is based in Cartagena, Colombia. He began his dance career at a very young age, learning Traditional Colombian and Afro Dances in different groups of the city, like Corporación Cultural Chambacú, B’jembe, among others. In 2012, he joined El Colegio del Cuerpo, where he obtained the title as Contemporary Dance Interpreter after 2 years and kept on dancing for the same company for 3 more years, under the direction of Álvaro Restrepo and Marie France Delieuvin.

For three years he was a dancer for the Conjunto Nacional Ekobios, directed by Dixon Pérez. He performed also for one year in the first cast of the Compañía Ballet Folklórico de Antioquia. Hector is currently dancing for the Contemporary Colombian Afro Dance company ‘Permanencias’, directed by Nemecio Berrío Guerrero.

“Dance became my food, my refuge and my way of life.”

“…when I am on stage dancing, sharing, delivering, giving away the only thing I have and what I am, my danced reality.” H. C.


Hector joined insightDproject in August 2018.