Social Communicator and Afro-Contemporary Dancer. Ronald is a passionate of the arts, particularly the movements, literature and sounds. Even though his experience as a dancer doesn’t have the “formal seal” given by an academy, he has more than seven years of experience, learning and dancing. His career as a dancer goes from Traditional – Folkloric Colombian Dance, Popular Cuban Dance, Afro Dance (Experimental and Contemporary) to Contemporary Dance.

He participated for more than five years in the ‘Conjunto Folclórico Nacional Ekobios; there he learnt from the tutorship of  the Colombian dancer, Dixon Pérez Gonzáles and the Cuban dancer, María Caridad Machado. He’s been to many Afro Dance and Afro-Contemporary Dance workshops in the ‘Atabaques’, ‘Permanencias’ and ‘Sankofa’, academies from Colombia. Currently he’s a choreographer and dancer for ‘Híbridos’, a Contemporary Dance group, in addition to his role as a dancer for ‘Apsara’ – Bollywood dances.

Ronald joined insightDproject in September 2017.