It’s been almost twenty years since Glenn has been active in the Dutch dance scene. Everything started back in 2000 when one of his teachers was robbed. Glenn reached to him and helped him to get music, a pencil and a notebook to work out his ideas in order to teach; besides this, he helped him to get funding to make his first theater production. After all the effort it implied, everything went well and after that magical moment, more choreographers and dance companies asked Glenn to help them with advice, production, photography and video registering.

Later in 2007 Glenn built Dance Studios and created a platform for dance artists to come, share and work together without any budget. He coaches the choreographers and dancers and support them with a studio space. Next to that he helps them with PP.RR. and by showing the artists’ skills to the public. You can check out more about this outstanding process here: www.newdancestudios.com

Restless and committed, in 2012 Glenn collaborated with an investor to expand his ideas and fulfill his vision to make Amsterdam a hub for dance like London and Berlin by creating the biggest private facility in an old church. Unfortunately half a year after the opening in the summer of 2014, the investor decided to make it commercial so Glenn’s original concept died. The facility is still there but now it is a studio rental place without any artistic or social vision.

Since the year 2015 Glenn’s had a dance school where amateurs can have a place, participate and feel welcome, no matter their level, age or background. Kids from parents that don’t have money, can dance for free if they meet the low income requirements. For this program he gets partly compensated by the Municipality of Amsterdam. More info about this project: www.movesamsterdam.com / www.movesnederland.nl

In 2016, along with a colleague in the Hague, set up a special program for young children who are talented and/or very motivated to become dancers. www.ndyt.nl It is a program where they prepare children to go to the Royal Conservatory or Codarts pre-education (websites only in Dutch). The difference from other schools is that they coach the children and their parents with help from a sports psychologist, dietist and physiotherapist.